Friday, December 23, 2011

First Day of Holidays

Yesterday was my first day of Christmas holidays, I've officially off work until early January.

Yesterday Rich and I decided to go out to Upper Hutt to Swish Dish to pick up the ceramics we painted a few weekends ago. We were both really happy with the results of our work after firing - the firing process made the colours so much more vibrant.

Here's the cupcake trinket box that I painted - I think it looks really great, I especially like the purple on the inside.Rich painted a "blokes mug" as a city scape - the colours look so good now its been fired. This mug is huge - you could fit a days worth of tea in this mug.

After some sushi in the sun, we decided to head to The New Dowse Gallery and see what exhibitions were on display. There were are few different things happening but my favourite was "Bedazzled" which is an exhibition of costumes worn by the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

There were costumes on display from a number of different ballets - I really liked the "White Swan" and "Black Swan" costumes. I also loved the "Ghost of Christmas Past" costume from A Christmas Carol. There were lots of sketches around the walls of all the costumes as well. I have actually never seen a ballet performance - but I did love these costumes - so much exquisite detail.

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