Saturday, November 24, 2012

13 Days of Halloween Swap - Stuff I made!

If you regularly follow my blog you will remember all of the goodies I received from Vany for our annual 13 days of Halloween swap - but I didn't show you the things I made for the swap (I bought some things too - but I didn't take photos of those).

Here's the creepy handmade goodies I made - first up three pairs of up-cycled gloves (one pair made from an old scarf and the other two made from a old tops).

A collection of sewing items - a needle book with a skull on it, two pincushions and four covered buttons. Rich designed the cross-stitch patterns for the needle book and buttons.

I made two sets of note cards - I stitched the old horror movie images on using my sewing machine and the envelopes are stamped with stamps I carved myself.

I made Vany a scarf - here it is modeled by me! The red fabric is up-cycled from a skirt I picked up at an op shop.
I made another wee pouch - this one was a simple pouch made in cotton and I used the hand-carved stamp I made to print the fabric.
A couple of cameo brooches - the creepy cameo are from esty and the settings are vintage. I especially love the setting on the right.
Vany is a book lover so I made her a cross-stitched book mark - I did use a pattern but I also kind of made up part of it as well.
These pot holders were the result of my first ever experience in quilting - they turned out much better than I expected. I was actually pretty proud of them.
I also made Vany this wee bat - he has buttons for eyes and one is blue and one in red. He is all hand-stitched.

I also made a tote bag - I printed this one with a stamp that Vany carved for me a couple of years back.

Even more fabric that I printed with stamps - this is a TV quilt (much like the one I made for Lukah) perfect for watching horror movies.
Finally another pouch - this one is made from the up-cycled scarf as well.


JuanitaTortilla said...

You're too crafty!!! I'm all for upcycling -- whee! *claps hands*

That bad = *LOL* Too cute :D

Penny-Rose said...

Oh WOW, you are so creative. I don't know how you find the time to do such amazing things. I love the gloves and the bat!!

Unknown said...

Really cool stuff! Where you'd get the old horror movie images?
I also love the bat too much, would you make another one to ship off to Finland if we negotiate about the material&work&shipping costs ;)?
x, Lara
ps. VIVI giveaway in my blog :)

alicia said...

i love the little bat and the shark pot holders! <3

Julia said...

Gosh you've been busy You're so clever & crafty!

Unknown said...

Hei sure, a different pattern bat will be great :) Will you email me to your addy & something about your preferences so something from Finland will come :)
x, Lara

Meghan Edge said...

Now I have craft envy. :-) I NEED some fingerless arm warmers like that- it's getting cold here! I love those long ones. And your patchworking skills are wonderful. :-)

Vix said...

I'm exhausted just seeing all your fabulous projects! x

Krista said...

Now I feel like a complete lazy ass! I love all these spooky bits you made, favorites are those fingerless gloves and that blankie! The rings are pretty cool too.

Monsterchen said...

ooooh what a great idea! i want to do a halloween swap too next year, it´s a shame i don´t know anybody as excited as me about halloween here :(
you are a real craftaholic darling;) i especially love the gloves!

Curtise said...

My goodness, it must have taken you ages to create all those lovely things, well done you! Love the buttons and all the printed fabric, but especially the bat, he's adorable! xxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

Wow, you made so much cool stuff. I love the brain and heart cameos. The pot holders looks great. Very professional.

Helga said...

Totally awesome, most especially the amount of upcycling!!!
I bet Vany was thrilled to bits with ehr loot!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

argh!! the notecards are fab!!! xx