Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Shorts

So there is clearly something wrong this outfit post - I am not wearing shorts. I don't in fact own any shorts and don't remember the last time I did. Most likely it was when I was a child. With the obvious exception of shorts I wear to the gym - but they are something I really don't want to share with the world!
But I decided I show you what I wore to work today anyway - its along a green and blue theme. It is spring, almost summer here, but Wellington isn't the kind of town where you can rely on the weather remaining the same all day. I decided to wear my blue cardy to work, because you never know when the weather may change!
I love these green shoes with my blue tights - I think it's a perfect colour combo.
The little rain cloud brooch is perfect for a green and blue themed outfit.
My ridiculous oversized fake pearls - when Jess and I went for a mani pedi a few weeks back the beautician asked if they were real! In my dreams! They cost a HUGE $15 and were bought at equipt (cheap little accessory store).


Top & Skirt - Acquired at a clothes swap at my friend Kat's place
Cardi & Tights - Glassons
Shoes - The Warehouse
Necklace & Ring - Equipt
Bracelet - Bought from street vendor in Hong Kong
Brooch - Craft 2.0


Vix said...

I can't see shorts! that's a fab skirt and I adore the combination of green and blue. x

alicia said...

as always, i love the coloured tights/bright shoes combo! <3

cb said...

shorts or not, you look great! i love wearing shorts and have found that wearing them with tights underneath is really awesome, try it out, you might find you like it :)

Helga said...

Ha,I made some shorts out of a damaged pair of mens tux pants a year or so ago to wear to Rocky Horro and haven't worn them since!Not a shorts nor a pants girl,me!!!
Love this skirt,and I always enjoy the little tricksy jewellery details!!!

Sabrina said...

I love those green flats!!! and you look very holiday themed!