Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I want for Christmas

A really LONG time ago Olivia from Wait Until Sunset tagged me in her "All I want for top 5" post. I have been meaning for some time to write a list of my top five Christmas items, but I just didn't seem to get around to doing it!

It is now Christmas Eve, so it really is now or never, here are my top five for Christmas:

1) My eyes back to normal

I went to the optician yesterday and my eyes still aren't better, I am now on three different types of eye drops including a steroid eye drop! I really want my eyes to be better so I can go back to wearing my contacts and having a normal life again. Fingers crossed my life will FINALLY return to normal next Friday (30 December), I am due to see the optician again then and I am hoping she will tell me that the eye virus is finally gone.

2) More time to craft and sew

I really, really, really want to spend more time crafting and sewing. I do love to craft and sew and my job is pretty technical so I do need my creative time, but I need more of it dammit! Not sure where I will find it.

3) Some decent gym gear

If you follow my blog regularly you may or may not have noticed I have shrunk a bit recently, I've lost about 8kg (17.6 lbs) and I have also lost 14 cm from my waist (5.5 inches) and 6 cm from my thigh (2.4 inches). My gym clothes are all pretty naff, just old t-shirts and shorts I picked up from The Warehouse for about $15. Whilst my gym is not a posers gym it would be nice to have some decent gym gear - it might ever encourage me to go to the gym more!

4) No more earthquakes in Christchurch!

If you look at a map of New Zealand which show the tectonic plates, you will see that we are split between the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates. Earthquakes are just part of life in New Zealand, I've experienced them my whole life and Wellington has them relatively frequently.

However, the earthquakes which have happened in Christchurch over the past year are something else. There were at least two more decent shakes yesterday when we thought everything was settling down and life was returning to normal for people in Canterbury.

If Santa could work out some way to make the earthquakes to stop so people in Christchurch can get on with their lives, that would be pretty rad.

5) New togs!

Which you may know as swimwear, a cossie or bathers depending where in the world you're from. Here in New Zealand we call them togs! I had the most fabulous pair of togs but they got lost somewhere in-between Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and New Zealand. I really like these togs by Broad Minded Clothing and also these ones from Mod Cloth.

But I don't want to spend too much on my togs until I reach my goal weight, so perhaps I'll get these ones from Glassons for this summer and invest in a better pair next summer.

Happy Christmas Eve!!


alicia said...

i hope santa brings you everything you want this year!

(also, i bought that exact mod cloth bathing suit last year and it sucks. there is NO boob support and sunscreen stained the shit out out of it! booooo.)

Kc said...

Merry Christmas Girly!! I hope you had a good one. I am ridiculously full of yummy food and have been trying not to nod off all afternoon...


Helga said...

I do hope those eyes of yours come right!!!
Happy Holidays,darling!Hope santa bought you all you required!!!
Wonderful list!!