Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crafty Foxes Christmas Swap

On Tuesday my craft group the "Crafty Foxes" had our hand over night for our last craft swap for 2011. The theme for the swap was of course Christmas. For my partner Alice I made a wee wreath. I guess it's not a wreath in the true sense of the word, but I think it's pretty rad. I have seen a load of crafts around the internet which make use of embroidery hoops and this is my attempt to use an embroidery hoop as part of a completed project. I even included a piece of ribbon to hang the wreath on a door (or anywhere you want to hang it).

This is what I received from my swap partner Hilliare - confused? So was I at first. Until I unwrapped everything.
The blue thing wrapped around is a vintage scarf (I can never have enough scarves) and the heart shaped things are luggage tags and finally the book is a travel journal. Some of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that I am going away for a few weeks in January/February to Phuket (for my cousins wedding), KL and Singapore - Hilliare made me some goodies to help me on my trip. She also reminded me I REALLY need to sort out the final stages of planning - including my hotel in Singapore.

Has anyone else out there been busy with Christmas crafting?


alicia said...

can i be an honorary crafty fox??? i had a short-lived craft group called the crafty vaginas that ended after one craft because it turns out none of my friends like to craft...

ANYWHO, i really want to take part in all that merry making!


Vix said...

Your wreath is genius and I'm very envious of your goodies from Hillaire. I love the luggage labels. x

Helga said...

I'm just agging to get in and do some sewing, and am thinking about a spot of crafting as well....just need my room back together!Grrr!
Your wreath is a sweet take on the classic,I like it!I quite like wreaths,I reckon just making one for the hell of it would be fun.