Monday, December 12, 2011

Saturday Op-shopping

Last Saturday I decided it was time to have a wee op-shopping adventure again, it had been a long time since I'd hit up the op shops. Usually op-shopping is a solitary activity, but this time Ria agreed to come along with me so that made the morning a whole lot more fun - we even had delicious quesadilla's for lunch.

We did all of our op-shopping in Kilbirnie and Newtown - unfortunately where I actually live in Wellington Central there is only one op-shop and it is well picked over. So when it's time to go op-shopping I need to get out of the central city.

Here were my finds for the day - in no particular order:


I bought gold shoes and they even have a heel! If you follow my blog you'll know that I usually run screaming from heels but I couldn't resist these. I wore them to a play on Saturday night and I didn't end up with nasty blisters or sore feet. I won't wear them to work as I have a stand up desk and they aren't the kind of shoes you can stand up in all day. However they will be rad for special nights out. Also did I mention they are gold? Amazing!


This dress was included with the shoes for free as it had a small stain on the hem - I was thinking that I may have to look up some kind of intensive stain removal techniques on the internet to remove the stain. I was even considering shortening it to get rid of the stain.

The I washed it and when it came out of the machine the stain had disappeared - turns out it just needed a good wash.

Considering wearing this wee frock on Christmas day! I think its super cute, but it is made from very weird fabric. It's a little like the kind of fabric a light raincoat would be made from. I am totally cool with that though - it rains a lot in New Zealand so its an all weather dress.


Under normal circumstances I think I would run screaming from a "rose print skirt" - it brings up images of pale pastels and sickly sweet patterns.

But this rose print skirt is pretty rad! It's a wee bit Gothic - I think it will look pretty great with my doc martins and fishnets.

It's a little bit crumpled in the pictures as it had just finished drying - unfortunately it looks like the kind of skirt that MAY need ironing, which means I may only own it for a short time as I am not friends with the iron.


This is a simple little top with a slightly vintage feel - when I am sick of wearing it I think I will cut off the buttons and sew them on something else. The buttons are the main reason I bought this top.


This dress doesn't look like anything special on the hanger - it just looks like a pink vintage mess. But trust me it looks a whole lot better when I'm wearing it and I love the cute buttons on the shoulder.

I have been trying to mix up my style a little bit lately and get out of always wearing the same type of frock. This isn't my usual style but I really liked it on so I thought I would give it a go - I'll have to use it in a outfit post soon!

Well that was Saturday's op-shopping - I also went to a clothes swap on Sunday so it was a weekend of clothes. I'll post photos of the goodies I got at that event soon xoxox


Vix said...

What a great haul! Isn't it funny that people chuck out clothes just because they need a wash? I don't think I've ever bought anything with an unshiftable stain.
Can't wait to see you rocking that pink frock or that black gingham number. x

Unknown said...

Yay! Op shopping success is always a thrill. I LOOOVE that gingham frock - can't wait to see you you wear it.

Sarah xxx

Wait Until The Sunset said...

argh!! those shoes are too cute and I love the top!

alicia said...

if your clothes and shoes slowly start to go missing, i don't know who did it... ;D


cb said...

oh my goodness lady those SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!! so so so so amazing! great find!

Sabrina said...

they all have such cute details!!

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Awesome finds! The pink dress is my fave :D