Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello Kitty Christmas

So the Christmas season is upon us and everything is starting to go a little crazy. Everyone is decorating their houses and workplaces with trees and tinsel and everything else Christmas.

Rich and I don't have a Christmas tree or anything else remotely Christmas like in the apartment - but I did find this Hello Kitty Christmas Kit in with my craft supplies, so I decided it was time to set it up.

I bought this little kit just before I left Taiwan - hard to believe that on 18 December I will have been home in New Zealand for one year.

Here's the Kitty Christmas set up - she is meant to have a bunny friend but it totally fell apart whilst I was making it *sigh*. It looks a little bit lame - but hey its a wee bit of Christmas to add to the apartment.


alicia said...

such a cute little kit! i love that honeycomb/accordion paper stuff! <3

Trees said...

Agreed - it is rad. This is about as Chrismassy as our place will get!! Unfortunately your Christmas stocking won't fit underneath.

Vix said...

She is so cute, there's no way I could assemble something as delicate as that. x

cb said...

i am such a huge nerd for hello kitty, like super nerdy about it. we don't get too christmassy here either, we did a bit more this time around then normal. we got stockings and tom and i are gonna exchange those this year, i am excited!

What Sadie Did said...

Too cute!! But how pants that her bunny friend fell apart!

Sadie xx