Thursday, December 01, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Rainbow!

Sometimes when Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge rolls around I have no idea what to wear and end up thinking about it for ages.But then sometimes I know I have the perfect outfit in my wardrobe already - this was the case this week. The theme was rainbow which meant it was time to bring out the rainbow dress!

I love my little monster necklace - I bought him on a trip to Melbourne in 2008 and he has been worn pretty regularly since. Here's a close up of the slightly crumpled dress! I usually take wardrobe post picture before I head off to work. It's actually Rich that takes the photos but he had to head off early to a conference breakfast on Wednesday morning and by the time Wednesday evening rolled around and we took these photos the frock was crumpled from a days worth of wear. I like fun chunky rings - I like them a lot. I don't think I will ever wear "grow up" jewellery, its not for me at all. Crazy costume jewellery for life!
I look pretty sleepy in that last photo - it must have been a long day!


Dress - Vintage, Trade Me
Cardy & Belt - Glassons
Tights - Valleygirl
Shoes - The Warehouse
Brooch - Craft 2.0
Necklace - Bought in Melbourne
Ring - Reincarnate, Newtown, Wellington


Vix said...

Stunning print on the dress and such a cute cloud cardi, too! I love your crazy jewellery, too. I can't be doing with "sensible" stuff, it shows no personality. x

alicia said...

you always have the cutest accessories! i love the little cloud pin - perfect for the rainbow theme! <3

also, i got your postcard of the beehive! thank you! <3

Helga said...

O,hurrah for rainbows!!What a fab frock!!!I', really into that ring too,and reckon your jewellery is fab fun!!!What IS sensible jewellery anyway??Boring shit from Michale Hill?!UGH!

cb said...

love your dress and that ring is oh so cute! rainbow would have been hard for me. i tried on day as we were gonna go on one of those bike rides and the theme was rainbow and i felt so clownish but you make it look great!

Sabrina said...

totally agree.. rock that jewelry for life!!!

love the character all the items show in you!! makes me smile.