Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Early Christmas Gifts

Well its almost Christmas - I only have one and a half working weeks left this year and I can't wait to have a break!

Yesterday I met my friend Jess for lunch and we exchanged a few Christmas goodies - I made Jess this mini Christmas stocking. My original intention was to fill it with handmade goodies like truffles but unfortunately, I ran out of time completely *sigh* so instead it was filled with store bought chocolates.
Jess made me some Rocky Road for Christmas - isn't it amazing. It even has sprinkles!

Rocky Road cross-section - looks delicious!


cb said...

rocky road with m&m's, YUM!!!!!!! tom and i are exchanging stockings this year for the first time and i am super excited.

Vix said...

That Rocky Road looks amazing, I haven't had it for years and I'm craving it now! x

Helga said...

Have just dribbled over your opshop scores last post!!Those shoes!The stripey frock!!They're my faves,but shizz,you scored WELL!

alicia said...

i can't wait to get miiiiiine!

also, i want to eat that entire tin of rocky road!


Unknown said...

That rocky road is making me hungry! And that stocking it just too cute x