Thursday, September 01, 2011

Red Velvet - Projects two and three - plus a September challenge!

I do promise I have been working on my Red Velvet DIY dress-up course! I just haven't posted any pictures in a while. So for your viewing pleasure here are projects two and three from my course.

Project two: Magazine tote

The inside of this bag is fully lined too, its sky blue. I did mean to get an picture of the inside but I forgot, sorry folks. But here is an action shot just for you all!

Project three - Make-Up Bag
The make-up bag didn't go as well as I hoped - the lining got all kind of messed up and I had to cut it out. But I'm ok with this, as two sewers I admire - Ria and Meg have told me that sometimes sewing projects get a little messed up. So I can deal with it, I won't get all broken hearted. Plus I am kind of proud of myself because I managed to do this! Yes! I put a zipper in! I am currently using this little make up bag to carry about a few of my sewing bits and pieces. In particular my measuring tape which I always seem to lose.

I am planning on trying this project one more time and this time I am determined to make a fully lined make-up bag. I have all the materials sorted and this brings me to my September challenge!
If you have a look over at the citybirds nest you will see that the lovely CB has created a challenge that even a novice sewer like me can complete. You simply have to sew each and every day in September - it doesn't matter if its five minutes or five hours a day. With this in mind - I am off to cut out the pieces for make-up bag version 2.0! Have a great night everyone.


Unknown said...

i love both the bag and the makeup pouch! :D
good job! :)
Rosie xo

Meghan Edge said...

excellent job! I never line things- you're insipring me to have more .... to... to be less lazy I guess is what I'm trying to say. Great job with your zipper!

cb said...

i love the pouch! i want to make some and have plans for a diy that i am working on :D thanks for spreading the word sweet pea!!!

Jamie said...

man I really need to make myself a new make up bag. mine is waaay too small!

Trees said...

Rosie - Thanks so much. So nice to have positive feedback!

Meg - Don't worry - part of me is thinking, do I REALLY need to make a lined make-up bag. Isn't this part of the course over now :P

Cb - More than happy to share the love of the challenge. You little DIY projects have been so inspirational so far!

Jamie - My current make up bag is exploding a little too! :P