Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Snake and Space

Here's a couple more dresses I've made over the Christmas/New Years break. They are actually both different versions of the Miss Marlo Dress I already made from my Sew La Tea Do book.

First up is my Miss Marlo Snake Dress:

I bought this snake fabric at fabric-a-brac back in November and it is great to finally make something with the fabric. I really like this version of the dress, one side is a little wonky, but you can't see it too much (I hope!).

Next up is the Miss Marlo Space Dress:
I have had my eye on this fabric for the longest time, its rows of planets with stars, but I resisted buying it as I didn't know what I'd do with it. But the fabric shop I go to was having a half price sale and I knew I could make a Miss Marlo Dress with two meters of fabric so I decided to buy it. This is my favourite of the three Miss Marlo dresses I have made, perhaps its because its the best sewing I've done or perhaps its because I love the space fabric? I'm not sure, but I do think its a pretty rad frock.


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Oh wow, that's so cool! I love both the fabrics!

cb said...

i love the space dress! such a great pattern!

Meghan Edge said...

Those are amazing! I really wish I could buy that book!!

Helga said...

Bahahaha,you're on fire!!! I always make several of a pattern I like,and why not?!Love the snakey one!!!Your sewing is growing (rhyme!)in leaps and bounds!!!
Just catching up,I don't think that swap thingy appeals to me either;like you,I'm not pushy,and pushiness generally appals me!
Bugger about your bbq being rained out!The weather held for us,and although it was cool,we were able to be outside with gaebos for the music gear.It was rather lovely!!!
Oooo,18 days until we have brunch?!Hurrah!Must decide where I will take you.....squee!

Kc said...

They look great! :) you so suit this style of dress. It's exciting finding a pattern you like then making something out Of the awesome material you can find these days :)



Vix said...

You are getting good! I love that second one the most although there isn't much between the two of them for fabulousness. x

Unknown said...

Ooh I love the space frock too - because it's GORGEOUS and beautifully made and also because I am a total space nerd! You are a super duper clever sewing superstar!

Sarah xxx