Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Day After...

Well I had the weigh in yesterday and I only lost 500g - but that's ok - brings my total weight loss to 4.5kg. A doctor once told me that you shouldn't really lose more than half a kilo a week. Since I have started at Weight Watchers that amount I have lost per week has slowly dropped (I can now hardly believe in my first week I lost 1.8 Kilos!) so hopefully as long as I stay on track I hope I can keep on losing about 500g per week.

Rich said I won't see to much of him over the next couple of days - industry project type stuff - nevermind it will all be over by the end of next week!

I'm going to a play with Greg ad some other people tonight - I'm not actually sure what the play is called - all I know is that it's up at Uni somewhere and it's part of the Fringe festival. So that should be interesting....will post more details when I find out exactly what I am going too!!

I got a text from my Aunty inviting me to my cousin's 21st last night - which I have a bad feeling is the same night as Corey and Steven's farewell party - I'll have to e-mail them today and ask - Why do events keep on clashing! So annoying! It means I generally have to let somebody down by not going to their party and I hate letting people down:(

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