Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Very Hungry Caterpiller

Remeber "The Very Hungry Caterpiller" from primary school? I have decided that I will be the very hungry caterpiller.

I remeber how on day he ate through a whole bunch of bad stuff - a lollypop, ice cream, some salami, a cookie and that night he had a tummy ache.

The next day he eats through a nice green leaf and feels much better.

So despite my huge and horrible blow out of eating utter crap yesterday - today I am going to get back to my heathy eating TODAY.

I remeber in that documentary "Supersize Me" a doctor talks about chocolate being like a drug because it sends certain chemicals to the brain - so you're not actually in love with the taste but it's the chemicals.

Maybe I just have a sugar addiction I have to control - like how an ex-alcoholic can't even have a glass of wine at a wedding because they know if they do they will totally relapse.....

It seems that if I have only one high sugar thing then all I want to do is eat more and more and more - even though my food crisis was yesterday I still find myself craving sweet stuff this morning and I know I will have to stick to my points for a few days yet before I will stop craving really high sugar stuff again.

Why do I have to put on weight every time I even look at a cake!! And why oh why is it SO damn easy to put on and so hard to get off???

Also - Why is the media and big business so determined to make everybody fat by mass producing high sugar/high fat food? I see crap food in every shop I go into, every time I turn on the TV and every time I read a magazine......

Well enough food drama for now.


Pies said...

Dude! Stink you had such a shite day yesterday. Don't worry everyone has them and everyone's been in that place where they totally blow their eating plan. But if you pick up from where you left off today and keep up your exercise you should still lose weight this week. You've done SO awesomely and you should pat yourself on the back and not get down because of one bad day. You're choice! Laters, Carolyn :-)

missing said...

Don't give up Love.
You've already done AMAZINGly well!!! You can do this! One meal at a time.

I re-joined my weight loss group today too. Must control self, and stop letting emotions control my eating.

We WILL get the result we want!
Love ya!