Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lazy Weekend

This has totally been the laziest weekend ever - but after the stressed out work I had a week I think I needed it.

Yesterday I went to the gym in the morning which is my usual Saturday morning thing - then in the afternoon I just mucked around on the internet a bit and cleaned the house - how domestic - ew!

In the evening we were going to go out - but that didn't work out - so we watched the last three episodes of Twin Peaks - which turned 0ut to be totally frustrating as it ended in a total cliffhanger and the second season hasn't been released on DVD yet. You can't imagine how annoying that is.

So we have decided that we will get out and "do stuff" today - although it is nearly quarter past eleven and we haven't done anything yet.....nevermind will get there....I would like to go to Te Papa today and check out the Picasso and Cezanne exhibit before it closes.

Also going to try and catch up with Nalanka and also Celia and Simon seen as we bailed on them for dinner last night.

Well best get going and do something - anything - otherwise will be another day wasted at home!

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