Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gay & Lesbian Gala

It's Saturday and I feel so tired already - I think it's due to being out it the sun all day.

Unlike the rest of the week - today it was absolutely beautiful!! I even got slightly burnt!

Today my friend Nankz asked me to go out to the Gay & Lesbian Gala in Newtown today and it was a pretty cool day out:)

The weather was fabulous - and the performances were very cool.

Before I went I had never seen a drag show before - now I am totally drag showed out.

Some of them were just incredible - in particular the "Time Warp" - mostly because I love Rocky Horror show:) But it was a pretty cool rendition. Plus there was audience participation which is always fun.

I kinda blew my points today though - but I'm not going to get too hung up on long as I have lost 100 grams this week - I will be happy:)

I'm not sure exactly what I'm up to tonight......we did have plans to go out to dinner and to a movie - but not sure if that's going happen now - have to see how Rich feels when he gets back from work - he's had a really full on week.

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