Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A really bad day

My day began with tripping over when walking to work and ending up with two grazed knees and huge holes in my stockings (and having to go any buy new stocking from Starmart where one pair of stockings costs the same as about 4 pairs anywhere else).

It just got worse from there - although I already have heaps of urgent work - I got some even more urgent work that had to be done today.

Then things got really bad we had a whole office meeting with heaps of sweet and savoury dodgy food and I just couldn't help myself because I was already feeling really bummed out so I just ate heaps....Then I felt bad for eating what I ate but I figured I had screwed my points for the day so I had chocolate as I figure I won't lose any weight this week even though it's a week until I weigh in again....I guess now all I can do is work hard and try not to gain anything...but I don't think I will lose the 500 g I was hoping to lose this week:(

I think the entry in my food journal today kind of explains how I am feeling -

"Today was a total blow out - we had morning tea and I ate too much - then gave up on my healthy eating for the rest of the day - hit a brick wall. My whole day is a rite off"

Well I'm going off to the gym now because I feel terrible about my day - I want to work hard so I don't gain any weight this week. Man I just wish today didn't happen!! I should have stayed in bed!!!

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