Monday, March 13, 2006

Trademe this week!!

I made about $30 from selling two tops this week - although one of the people has given me a dud e-mail address so I'm not sure what to do there........hummmm..............hopefully something works out.

I've got bookclub tonight - the theme being 1980's - the book I bought off the internet arrived way to late for me to read:( But it's ok I have another 1980's book "Tales of a Heavy Metal Addict" which I find too funny:) So at least I have something to take along.

Another Monday already - bleh - I'm already feeling unmotivated and I know this is going to be a huge week.

It's my friend Karen's birthday today though - yah - happy birthday Karen!! Hopefully her present arrives in time but it did have a long way to go and I only sent it on Friday (it has to go all the way to Ranfurly in the South Island).

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