Saturday, March 04, 2006

My GOD it's cold!

Yesterday when I was at the office an e-mail came through by someone on the HR team advising that a big storm was coming - just warning everyone to be careful as it was due to hit at 5pm when work finishes.

As it turns out - it was REALLY cold when I finnished work - but not yet raining and stormy.

So went out with a few friends after work and after we had been out for dinner the storm set in - the rain was totally freezing - I'm so glad I didn't get stuck in it - I would have except for the fact my friend Celia gave me a lift home - yah Celia!

Today is REALLY cold as well - it's says on the news on the internet that it's 11C today - but it has to be colder then that - and it's raining too!! I'm all ready in my gym gears to go to the gym but I don't know if I can actually handle going outside just yet.

In fact I wish I could stay in all day and watch the rest of "Twin Peaks" 0n DVD all day. But my parents and brother are here from Taranaki today to watch wrestling tonight so I'm going out with them to lunch today and tonight I'm going out to a play with some friends and my friend Greg has already bought the tickets so I can't pike out!! Plus it's the last night this play is on and I really want to go (it's Heavenly Burlesque the one I missed out on last week because I was sick...).

Yesterday was pretty busy at work again - and I lost my office! It was only a temporary space and the woman who's office it was needed it back.

So now I have no view and my office is a space kind of outside my manager's office!! I've been told if I can't handle sitting there that there is an alternative space but it's not near where the rest of my team is sitting. So maybe I will take that office - my new accomodation isn't that flash.

I'm feeling a lot better after my food meltdown earlier in the week - my friend Jess gave me a ring before she went to Oz to check I was ok, which was really nice:) Carolyn also really supportive via e-mail.

Well I will now brave the "winter" cold & rain to go out to the gym.

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