Sunday, March 05, 2006


Turns out I missed the rest of my friends heading out to Newtown for the carnival because I wasn't ready in time - poo:(

But the good news is - when I said earlier that I got $14 odd dollars for my top on trade me - when the auction did actually finnish I got $30! So all up $60 odd dollars for my dress and my top - not bad really - I hope it's not beginners luck! I've put another couple of tops up for auction now have to wait and see how they go:)

I haven't really done anything today - I went down to Metro before to get some food for lunch at work next week and also to get a card for my friend Nicky back in Hamilton - it's her birthday on the 8th.

There was something really weird in the paper today - apparently "blanket man" has made it to Wikipedia!! If you live in Wellington you will know who blanket man is because he's pretty much a Wellington icon - if you don't know who he is - well just read wikipedia and find out!!

Is that INSANE or what??!!??

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Nicky said...

Hey Girlie

Sorry not to have been in contact much. Its the same excuses really, busy and all that.

I will email you tomorrow