Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm so not excitied about going to work today

My manager is away for most of the week so she has sorted out a big pile of work for me to do over the next few days - ew!! So it will be a very busy week:( Oh well I guess it will make time go quicker as long as I actually have time to stop for lunch I will be happy.

Yesterday afternoon ended up being quite good actually - Rich and I went to the City Gallery in the afternoon - I'd actually already seen both of the exhibitions on at the moment with Leanne but still it was worth going along and checking them both out because they were awesome.

We tried to go and see the Cezanne and Picasso exhibit at Te Papa but the cue was so huge to get into the exhibit we decided to flag it - I know that's pretty lazy but neither of us were really in the mood to wait so long to get in.

A bit later in the afternoon met up with Nankz for a coffee and a chat - it was good to see him and catch up on his gossip - I hadn't seen him since the Gay and Lesbian fair. He is going to come over and watch the screening of Rich's music video on Thursday night though (I can hardly believe it's going to be on TV this Thursday!).

A bit later on in the day we met up with Celia & Simon and went to the movies and saw "A history of violence" - It was a good movie - but some of the moments were a bit weird - and the ending was very weird. But I still enjoyed it and we found out there is an international film festical type thing coming up at Paramount - yah!! I love film festivals:)

At the end of the evening we just headed off to dinner - we went to Coyete - I actually really like it there. It's just so "reliable" it's hard to find a good basic restuarant like that in Wellington - everything always seems so ethnic, which is fine sometimes, but I do get sick of it as well. It must just be me though there are so many ethnic restaurants in the city that everybody else must love them.

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