Sunday, March 05, 2006

The sun has finally come out!

Well the cold snap seems to have moved on finally......

Last night we went out to Heavenly Burlesque and man it was so COLD! I think it was one of the coldest nights since I have been living in Wellington which is not a good thing considering it's only March - but it appears it's just a "cold snap" - thank god.

Last night we ventured into the cold cold night to finally see Heavenly Burlesque - wasn't actually sure what to expect but it was pretty incredible - a lot of the acts had a really "circus" feel to them but with Moulin Rouge type costumes. I like the girl with the hula hoops and the people with the acrobat type moves.

I am so glad the weather has cleared up as I am going out to the Newtown Carnival with a bunch of friends today as my friend Celia is singing in a choir and we are all going to watch her - I was not looking foward to standing about in the cold all day with the threat out rain at any given moment....but now the sun is shining I am looking foward to it - I get to see Celia sing and check out all the craft stalls - I love craft stalls!!

My first trade me auction of my bigger clothes has just finished - I was a bit worried about what I would get earlier in the week for my stuff but in the end I got $22.55 for the dress and $13 for the top I was selling so pretty stoked - it's $30 odd dollars I didn't have before and good to get some money back for all the money I spend on clothes:P

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