Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's the most anticipated day of the week again......

because it's Tuesday - which is Weight Watchers which means weigh in day.......

With being sick and all - and only getting to the gym twice this week - I don't think I will lose the 1kg I was hoping for this week. If I lose one more Kg I would have lost 5kgs since I started going which would have been nice. But that's ok - I'm sure I would have lost something!

Rich is about to disappear for a few weeks - his industry project is due in two weeks which is bound to mean that he will be spending a lot of late nights at the computer labs this week and next week "sigh". Not to worry it's only for a couple of weeks then things will be back to normal.

My auctions on trade-me seem to be going pretty well - ok actually one of my auctions is going well - the other hasn't got any bids yet!! The top I put on there has already gone over the reserve - but no bids on the dress yet. Rich assures me though that quite often all the bidding action happens in the last few days (my auctions don't close till this Sunday) so will see what happens closer to the end of the auction.

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