Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday again

I kind of like Wednesday - the week is a a halfway point and I can start thinking about the weekend and sleeping in.....

Mind you I always seem so busy at work these days that the week goes so quickly - which has to be a good thing:)

I didn't go to WW last night - I just really didn't feel up to it. I've been feeling quite down lately - I'm not exactly sure why, lots of other people seem to be in the same boat so maybe it's just the change of season or something. But anyway when I'm down I just seem to turn to food and I havn't done much exercise in the past week, so I was a little scared of what the scales might say so decided not to go, because I feel like if I find out something bad I am liable to burst into tears which just wouldn't be a good look in front of everyone at the meeting.

I also didn't go to bookclub on Monday as I didn't feel like I could face a room full of people - it turns out I wasn't the only one, apparently only 3 people were there...there must be something at the water at the moment. The three people that went decided the theme for next month should be "Chick Lit" - I'm going to read the Phillipa Gregory books I've been wanting to read for ages - I actually think they are more historical fiction than "Chick Lit" but they must have at least a few "Chick Lit" elements to them...

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missing said...

Hey you! Hope things are looking up today. Love ya heaps!

Cindy and I will be coming into town around 10am on Saturday, so if you wanted to meet for a catch up and beverage, that would be cool :o) txt me if you're up for it

Lotsa luv,
Jo (The other naki girl)