Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Coloured Shoes

Hello World! Just a short and sweet post tonight as Rich and I are off to a play this evening - we are SO fancy.

Yesterdays wardrobe challenge was "coloured shoes" which isn't much of a challenge really - seen as I have a rainbow of shoes!

Need something to do this evening? How about you check out Olivia's Blog -Wait Until the Sunset, featuring  me! Actually you should check out Olivia's blog in general because she's rad.

Happy Thursday!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Lovely frock & belt & owl ring & shoes. You do colour so well! Oh & I forgot to say I like the blue button shoe clips the best too. They are such a sweet idea! Xx

Penny-Rose said...

Love this outfit!!!!! Hope you enjoy the play!

Julia said...

Coloured shoes are the best!
Loving your dress and that adorable owl ring too.

What play are you off to?

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Loving the owl ring! I love wearing coloured shoes such a fun touch to any outift. xx

Curtise said...

Gorgeous frock, and loving the owl ring.
Forgot to comment on your shoe clips post, I think - they look great! xx

cb said...

this might be my favorite! i love the colors on you and the the colored shoes! it makes your hair too! love it!

Helga said...

SO much cuteness!
A play?! Fancy schmancy indeed!
The Court theatre down here is doing a few this year I want to see....especially their annual,they're doing Grease!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love that dress. Coloured shoes are the best. I have trouble finding plain black shoes. I have a whole pile of brightly coloured ones. That owl ring is so cute.

Wait Until The Sunset said...

pretty!!! You have so much amazing colour! I love it!