Thursday, April 05, 2012

So Pauve package of awesome

Today was pretty rad as it was the last day of work before Easter and we get four fabulous days off!! But it was also pretty rad as I got another package from Alicia at So Pauve. Hurrah!

Here's all of the goodies together - doesn't Alicia wrap things so beautifully! I love all the pretty ribbons.

First up is this "Pretty in Pink" bracelet which I bought from So Pauve's blog sale - seriously, how rad is this?  It's also wrapped in so very rad fabric!
Next up is more Hello Kitty goodies - I can never get enough of Kitty - I really love the wee notecards.
More pop rocks - this time cotton candy flavour! Seriously, how many flavours of pop rocks are there? It's pretty impressive.
I also got some cupcake ribbon - a crafty gal can never have enough ribbon!
Finally, the wee card that she sent with the package. I really love this card, it's going in my art journal for sure

Well that's all from me for now - I hope you all have a lovely Easter, Rich and I are just hanging around Wellington this Easter. I'm crossing fingers that we have lots of sunshine and fun Easter times.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I agree that bracelet is a treasure! So wonderfully 80's. Hope you have a lovely long weekend. Xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

OH my I'm so jealous, that pretty in pink bracelet is fabulous. It's one of my favourite movies. xxx

Wait Until The Sunset said...

ooohhhh!! I have to go check this shop out!!!

alicia said...

awww! i'm so happy it arrived and that you loved everything! i have so much fun finding new pop rocks and hello kitty treats for you! thank you for giving my bracelet a new home - i know you'll wear it well! <3

Krista said...

What a delicious package of yumminess! I share your love of Hello Kitty for sure and pop rocks! Happy Easter dear!

Curtise said...

What a great idea for a bracelet! Love all your cute goodies. Have a great Easter. xxx

cb said...

i love alicia! she is the bestest and sends the best packages EVER! which reminds me, i gotta get on her package! rawr!

Helga said...

Pretty In Pink bracelet!!!SQUEEEE!
I love that movie.Except for how she fecks up that amazing early 60's frock to make that godawful prom frock!That bracelet is TO DIE FOR!
So many sweet treats!I love wrapping,but I'm shit at it,so don't do it!
Ha,no,I wasn't doing the wardrobe challenge,but I was so on the money!!! I was just telling G how I wanted to join that,but just kept forgetting.
Anyway,YAY to 4 days off!I'm still in bed.....drinking bubby...

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

How cool is that bracelet??! Love Pretty in Pink. Although I agree with Helga about the prom dress - disaster!