Saturday, April 14, 2012

Singapore - Day Three

I can admit it - by this point in my trip I was starting to slow down a bit! I tend to go pretty crazy when I'm first travelling but eventually I slow down and feel like I need a cup of tea and a bit of a lie down rather than zipping all over the city. So I had a pretty quiet morning and met up with Chole of Wasted Fashion for lunch at one of her favourite good and cheap places "Han's" followed up by a cool drink.

After lunch Chloe went back to work and I went to check out Haw Paw Villa - also known as the "Tiger Balm Gardens". It was built by the family that invented Tiger Balm (as the name would suggest) the guide book referred to it as a theme park, but I think I would personally call it more of a sculpture garden.

One of the exhibitions at gardens was "The 12 Courts of Hell" - there was a warning outside of the exhibition about being cautious about taking children, pregnant woman and people with heart conditions inside as it was a disturbing exhibition. I figured "Whatever - I've seen hundreds of horror movies and they are only sculptures - how bad can it be?"

 This is my - " I'm not quite sure if I like what's going on in here" face.
 If you waste food - your punishment in the 12 courts of hell is getting cut in two - make sure you eat your leftovers!

This is my "I don't even know what the f**k is going on" face - taken just after I saw the sculpture which shows a grandmother being breastfed. I can't even begin to imagine what the story was behind this! Shortly after this I decided it was time to get out of the 12 Courts of Hell and look at the rest of the park.

 A monkey with a rifle - how much better can my day get!

 It seemed to me that these guys were a long way from home.
 This guy was also a very long way from home - as far away from home as me in fact!

Generally speaking - Haw Paw Villa makes for some crazy, crazy times! Eventually I left, but it was kind of mesmerizing and at times a week bit disturbing. 

I decided after Haw Paw Villa it was time to head to Chinatown and Little India - I started with Chinatown.

Chinatown was fun, but full of tourists - which I guess is ok as I was a tourist myself! The highlight of my trip there was checking out a beautiful Hidu temple, which is something you would think I would have done in Little India - but I guess when you're travelling you never know what you're going to find and where you're going to find it.

FINALLY - I finished up in Little India, eating dinner in a food court with the most amazing food! I do love India food and there were SO many choices, I didn't know where to start. I kind of wanted to eat all the food. 

After dinner, I went for a stroll around Little India to take in some of the sights - I was pretty exhausted by this stage though so I didn't really stay as long as I would have liked too.

4 comments: said...

What gorgeous photographs! I've always wanted to visit Singapore, and these pictures have just given me even MORE of an incentive!

alicia said...

singapore is fuuuuuuked up. i love it.

Unknown said...

I loved Singapore too - especially Chinatown and Little India! I didn't even know about that crazy Tiger Balm place - and I'm kinda glad - it's super creepy!!! Sarah xxx

cb said...

this is amazing! i love the spider/crab person! but i can't get over your dress! is that a strawberry dress? oh my goodness so amazing! i think you need to do a outfit post just for me in that dress! it is waaaay too cute!