Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Singapore - the final days

This will be my SECOND to last post about my Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore trip and its mighty heavy on photos folks! So during my last couple of days in Singapore I was lucky enough to spend most of my time with Chloe from Wasted Fashion. Chloe was so lovely and generous and I learnt so much about Singapore from her. I really hope she decides to visit New Zealand one day so I can pay her back!

Let's start at the beginning - on Friday Chloe took the day of work to hang out with me (like I said - very generous!) and she took me to an older part of the city which I would have never found by myself. I loved all of the older buildings. Very cute.
She took me to this old style "confectionery" store - I would have called it more of a bakery than a confectionery store. Anyway the store didn't look like it had changed much since the 1960's and Chloe took me here to sample a classic Singaporean Breakfast - Kaya Toast and Half Boiled Eggs. I really liked it - but I do love eggs!

In this area there were lots of Peranakan homes that you could go and look at - some were really beautiful and one had bead work classes I really wanted to take - if only I lived in Singapore!

Chloe also took me out for this seafood laska which was awesome and it came with the best fish cakes I ever ate!

We also had some of the most delicious chocolate desserts - EVER!

We also had some mani-pedi's done after all that food - here's mine. I love getting nail art but its just so expensive in New Zealand!

In the afternoon we went to Sentosa Island and travelled there in style - via the cable car.

When you're in the cable car you can look down on a whole lot of cruise ships - this was my favourite, it has a HUGE hydro-slide! I want to go on that hydro-slide!
As it was near Valentines Day, there were some cheesy valentines displays up at Sentosa Island.

We took the free shuttle out to the beach - it actually wasn't too busy at the beach we went too, which was surprising, I was expecting there to be people everywhere!

Turns out this is the Southern Most Point of continental Asia - so that's one thing I can tick off my bucket list right?

There was a whole lot of different things to do on the island, one of the things we chose to do was the butterfly park.
To be honest, I thought it would have been a lot more interesting, but I did get to sit on a giant papaya - rad.

Another Merlion was on the island, but this one was friggin HUGE! Although this photo really gives no perspective as to its actual size.
More random island exhibits - this time its fairy folk.

This was a really cool exhibit - it was huge and made up of mosaic! It also had fountains all through it, perhaps it was by a famous Singaporean artist? I really don't know, but I do know it was totally rad.

On my very FINAL day in Singapore I spent the morning sleeping (tiredness kicking in!) and shopping, I bought a couple of craft books and generally just relaxed.

In the afternoon Chloe took me to Arab town where we did some fabric shopping (I couldn't buy too much though as my wee bag was already quite heavy), checked out some markets, ate and generally had a blast! I didn't take too many photos as my camera seemed to be playing up (I think maybe it was the humidity?). But Chloe took some photos on her phone and I will hopefully post these soon as well.

Phew! I feel exhausted just blogging about this! How did I manage to do it in real life! I hope you've all had a fabulous Wednesday xoxox


Helga said...

How frigging totally RAD and amazeballs these pix are!! I wanna go and eat and play right NOW!
What a sweetie Chloe is!

Julia said...

Great shots!
I love the wee hearts they put up for Valentines day - what a cute idea

Curtise said...

Great photos, they make me want to go to Singapore right now! xxx

cb said...

wow what a jam packed day! it looks amazing and i think i need to visit singapore!

alicia said...

EVERYTHING is a photo op there! my brain would have exploded.

i love your cute bear toes! <3