Sunday, July 07, 2013

Wellington Sewing Bloggers Roadtrip!

Since I joined Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network there has been a trip planned to visit Levana in Levin. Levana is a factory store that's open the first Saturday of every month, the sewing bloggers had been planning this trip for a while and I was really excited to go along. So excited in fact I was prepared to catch the 7:03am train from Wellington to Johnsonville on a Saturday morning to meet up with some of my sewing blogger pals to head to Levin. I was the only person in my train carriage!

I met up with Mel  in Johnsonville and she was kind enough to drive me around for the day, along with Nikki and Jo we headed off to Levana.

However, when we finally arrived in Levin and headed to Levana - disaster struck! IT WAS SHUT!!
There was some issue with the electricity so it was SHUT on the first Saturday of July and open the second Saturday instead. We were sad - but resourceful and decided that we were still going to have a fabulous day. We decided to check out an op shop and then head onto Palmerston North as originally planned.
I didn't buy this fabulous men's "body shirt" pattern at the op shop - but I did buy a table cloth which will become clothing and some cute doilies.
When we arrived in Palmerston North we headed straight for Petite Fours where the lovely Juliet had booked a high tea for us all. It was amazing! You all know how I feel about high tea - the cafe was lovely, the food delicious and the company was just the best. I even learnt some New Zealand sign language at high tea.

After lunch we visited the Arthur Toye fabric shop in Palmerston North, its MUCH bigger than the Wellington. So much excitement - they even had a selection of Hello Kitty fabrics!

After spending much time and money at Arthur Toye it was time to check out another op shop, Juliet told us they had a lot of vintage patterns.


They also had a "fabric room" where I managed to pick up some fabric cheaply to try and make a coat.

So what did I pick up during my adventures in Palmerston North? I was pretty restrained despite a half price sale at Arthur Toye. I bought some stretch blue velvet and blue Hello Kitty cotton. The velvet is much more of a royal blue that it looks in this photo.
At the Op Shop in Palmerston North I picked up some houndstooth fabric to try and make a make a coat with and also a whole bunch of patterns.

Despite initial disasters, I had the best day out with my sewing blogger friends and hopefully we can do it again when Levana is actually open!

To finish off, here's a tree that's been yarn bombed in Palmerston North that I thought was pretty rad (there was some kind of festival happening when we were there).
 Hope you've all been having a rad weekend xoxox


Juliet said...

Wasn't it great fun? I was stoked to have you all up... we'll have to do it again when Levana is open!

Macska said...

Sounds like a super awesome day! And oh my - a whole bunch of Hello Kitty fabric? Fun fun!! :-D

Johanna said...

Love all the photos and so glad you got that cute jumper dress pattern! Such a fun day :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Seven AM on a Saturday is an obscene time to be catching a train, especially if the shop you were looking forward to was closed ... grrrrr!! But the next pics were of food which were like porn to me ... oh those sandwiches looked delicious and I'm so happy to see all the empty plates!!! I'm so glad you got to have a pattern party and a successful fabric-finding mission and I'm wondering if the guy in the last pic is tripping over? ;) xoxo

JuanitaTortilla said...

I loved how you guys (gals) made up for the closed factory with all that op-shopping. I am jealous just buy looking at all the fabrics and patterns you got to see. Looked like a really great drive too -- what nice scenery!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

What a bummer the Levana place wasn't open. I'm glad it didn't spoil the day. Now I'm craving something naughty after seeing those high tea treats. Mmmmm. Xx

Krista said...

You have the best attitude! I love that you girls had a kick ass day regardless! You showed great restraint with only one HK fabric:). The high tea looked amazing and I so need to do that again soon. Can't wait to see the houndstooth jacket you make!

Apples and Pears said...

I suggest all of you who took all that time and trouble to drive up to Levana, should email them and complain. Poor Juliet, she was mortified! So was I! Carol, the manager of the shop, sent her sincere apologies, but I think the big Factory managers should know how you all felt. Maybe a nice big discount voucher would appear?

Helga said...

I am so stoked the day was not lost!!! YAY for a grand day in splendid company! And such loot! Wish I'd been along, actually, it's the kind of day that's right up my alley!

Anonymous said...

Ahh your photos are all amazing, I wish I'd taken more and I could have posted 1000 photos I had so much fun! :) Nothing could have spoiled our fun xx

Emily said...

Oh how cool are your pics. Thank you for a lovely lovely day and I can't wait to see the hello kitty fabric in action! No pressure, of course.

Vix said...

What a fantastic day! I'm salivating over that fabric and that pile of vintage patterns! x

Curtise said...

What a shame the shop was closed! Oh well - all the more reason to arrange another visit, right?
That high tea looks amazing, as do all the fabrics and patterns. Too much choice - I think my head might have exploded!
Knitwits - genius!
Glad to hear you had a wonderful day out. xxxx

his_girl_friday said...

Your post makes me want to eat a cupcake.

Tia Dia said...

OMG! This looks like you had an amazing amount of fun! I love the tea photos.... yummmmm...

alicia said...

first of all "tranz metro" i see what they did there! clever new zealand! also, sweet neon green and royal blue train! seriously, everything there is better. i would have lost my shit getting there and the store was closed! but i guess all those tasty looking treats at tea would ease my pain. it's no joanne's, but it looks like they had fun stuff - that didn't cost $34 to send to you!

i'm still getting over tranz metro.