Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Random occurances of art

On Saturday afternoon Rich and I decided to head to Te Papa to check out an exhibition but on the way there we discovered "The Performance Arcade". What is a Performance arcade you ask? Its a number of small art exhibitions in shipping containers.

Here's a few of my favourite exhibitions - the first one included a whole lot of popped balloons and when you entered the container all you could hear was the sound of balloons popping. It's actually much more impressive than it sounds.
This exhibition featured a map of Wellington. The idea is you choose a flag and write a number on it and then record a memory that happened at that place on the blackboard. The artist was creating a memory map of Wellington which was a really interesting idea. I liked it a lot.
Finally my favourite - a rather old school exercise bike being used to power a record player. This was seriously awesome.

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