Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Winter Coat

When Rich and I returned home from Tauranga last Sunday it was FREEZING! I am not sure what happened to the weather whilst we were away - but it seemed to plunge into the depths of winter in literally one weekend.

Of course to look outside my window now you would have no idea how cold last Sunday was - the sun is now shining and the cicada's are singing (I am a little confused as to exactly where these cicadas are as I live in central Wellington and on the other side of the road is a parking lot).

But when I returned home last Sunday I really decided I must buy a winter jacket - I loved my jacket from last year but after two hard winters it was ready to say goodbye and I left it in a recycled clothing bin in Uiejongbu when I left South Korea - which was hard because I loved it a lot!That meant last Sunday the hunt was on for a new jacket and I have to say I do find jacket shopping hard. Mostly because every jacket looks exactly the same! I don't want to look like everyone else. Plus at the moment, chain stores are only selling their "autumn" clothes - which is really a mystery to me as we don't really seem to have much of an autumn or spring in Wellington. Really its more just summer and winter.

So what's a girl in need of a unique winter jacket to do? Go vintage is the answer! We have this amazing vintage store on Cuba Street called Hunters and Collectors, I decided to stop buy and crossed my fingers they had some kind of fabulous coat to ward off the Wellington chill!

Turns out they had this brown and furry number from the 1960's! Here's a photo of me wearing when we were out and about for a walk after our dinner on Friday night. I decieded that the photo should be taken in front of this building - because I think it's pretty awesome.

I now realise if I am going to do outfit posts like this they should focus a lot more on the clothes! But I still like the photo.

When we were out for a walk we heard to ladies behind us talking about an earthquake - our hearts sank when we heard one say to the other "that will kill a lot of people". We were of course worried there had been another big one in Christchurch.

There wasn't another major earthquake in Christchurch (although they still are having many aftershocks) but instead there was a very MAJOR earthquake in Japan. When I got home and saw the pictures I was so shocked - one of my friends had a facebook status "This is like something out of the old testament" and I don't think I could have summed it up any better myself.

Japan is such an amazing and beautiful country and my trip to Japan was one of the best I have had in my life. I feel so sad about what's happened there. I hope I can help in some way - although I do realise we still have some many problems here with what has happened in Christchurch. It just seems like the earth is really angry right now!

To finish off, here's some photos of our trip to Japan - I HEART JAPAN!


Meghan Edge said...

beautiful jacket, doll. Good buy. ^_^

Trees said...

Aww.. thanks Pixie!