Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Adventures in Henna

Last Saturday we ended up spending our morning shopping which included a trip to Frank Kitts Markets which is a fabulous craft market in Wellington. I could seriously spend a lot of money at this market - but I am always very restrained.

Instead of spending a lot of money - I decided to spend only $15 and get a henna tattoo. This is a picture of the henna as it's "curing" is I guess the word you'd use.

The lady that applied it did an amazing job and applied this design in about 5 minutes. She said it would take around 20 minutes for the henna to set and stain the skin but it was longer than that.Here's a photo after the henna had set and stained. This photo isn't as good as the first one but I really like the design and colour. This is the second time I have had henna done - the first time was many years ago at a music festival and the design was much smaller.


Meghan Edge said...

beautiful! I used to do my own henna tats. I miss it. And they smell so good.

Trees said...

I'm very impressed you used to do your own henna! It seems like such a difficult thing to do - I was surprised how quickly the lady completed this design.