Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sending Baking Love to Christchurch

On Sunday night I baked a loaf of ginger bread to donate to "The Great Sunday Bake Off". The bake off was an event to help the people of Christchurch after the earthquake.

I heard three different accounts of what was going to happen to the baked goods - first of all the goods were being sent to quake victims, then I heard this had been changed and the food was going to be sent down to feed the student army in Christchurch. Finally I heard that the bake off had become a bake sale with all the funds being sent to Christchurch.
I am not sure what happened in the end to my baking - I do hope though that it went to help people in Christchurch in one way or another. At the moment I think that a lot of people in New Zealand feel like they want to do something to help people in Christchurch. I think everyone has donated money but a lot of people want to take some kind of action to help and I hope my ginger bread helped in some small way.

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