Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upcoming travelling adventures

I have some very exciting news, my very lovely friend Lisa is coming to visit us from Auckland and I am so happy to see her again. We taught at the same school when Rich and I were living in Taiwan and we just had heaps of fun together.

I think we have decided to split her visit between Auckland and Wellington. I am pretty excited about our time in Auckland. Firstly because work has been stressful lately and I am looking forward to some time off - I'll have 5 days in total (including a weekend). Secondly I am excited because I have spent a lot of time in Auckland but I have never been a "tourist" there - every time I've been there its been to visit friends, for a show, a wedding or a birthday. I've never actually had much time to explore the city.

So I want to take Lisa to some of my favourite parts of Auckland like K Road for a spot of vintage shopping, there is also a walking tour of K Road I would love to do. I am also keen to check out some things I have always meant to do but never quite got there like visiting Rangitoto Island. I also want to take her to the sky tower - the last time I went there was when my friend Tabitha visited from the Colorado and that was a long time ago!

I have also found a Ghost Tour in Auckland I would love to do with Lisa - I have done one of these before in Dunedin and it was amazing. Its creepy but you learn so much about the history of a city in a tour like this.

The other thing we are planning on doing is taking the overlander from Auckland to Wellington which I am so excited about. I've done this trip a couple of times already and it's a blast. Plus you get to see so much of the North Island.

If anyone out there has any suggestion of "must do" things in Auckland I'd love to hear them.

My other exciting travel news is that Rich and I are going to SYDNEY in June for our anniversary. I am pretty excited as I have never been to Sydney before. So far we don't really have any plans for this trip but we do have flights books and we sorted out accomodation too. So now we just need to work out what we will do when we are visiting - we will of course visit the famous opera house and I have heard there is good vintage shopping at Bondi Beach. Any one have some thoughts on "must do" things in Sydney?


Meghan Edge said...

That sounds so fun! I was a ghost tour guide once- in historic Gettysburg. I had a hoop skirt and everything. ^_^

Helga said...

Wow,you lived in Taiwan?
Auckland is fun to visit,you'll have so much fun!I love K Road!
I'm off to Sydney next weekend,so I'll note fab places for you-it'll only be shopping though,as that's the main aim! I'm from there originally,and it's a great city!

Trees said...

Pixie - A ghost tour of Gettysberg would be amazing. I love the idea of dressing up too.

Helga - We lived in Taiwan for about 3 months. It's an amazing country. Do tell me about any great vintage stores in Sydney:D

What Sadie Did said...

Great ideas!! I'd love to do the ghost tour and the vintage tour! The skytower is fab too, lots of fun things!

PS think you should go for it with your outfit posts, I'm positive i'm not the only person who'd love a sneak peek into your wardrobe!! :)

Trees said...

I'll take loads of photo's of the trip & tours - it will be like you're all there with us:D

I keep thinking about doing OOTD posts - I know I should just bite the bullet and do it as once I have one or two under my belt I'll feel fine. Its just the first one thats scary. Thanks for the kind words Sadie:D