Monday, March 07, 2011

Hello Kitty Swap

I am a Hello Kitty geek and recently I signed up for a Hello Kitty swap on craftster - I have sent out my package but it appears that my partner has abandoned me. She refuses to respond to messages from me and the swap organiser.

It is a real bummer knowing you have put in a whole lot of hard work and your partner has not returned the favour.

Luckily, I now have a "craft angel" who is making me a package - which is pretty rad.

Here are the things I made for the swap:

Firstly - Upcycled Hello Kitty upcycled box (full of gummy lollies)

Secondly - Hello Kitty necklace

Thirdly - Hello Kitty shrine

Lastly - Hello Kitty softie (which didn't work out as well as I hoped - but I still thought it wasn't too bad. I made the pattern myself).


Meghan Edge said...

Those are all lovely things and I'm so sorry your swap didn't work out.

Jamie said...

OMG that sucks sooo much!! This is totally one of my fears when participating in a swap. Thank goodness for the swap angels, I'm sure you will get lots of hello kitty awesomeness!!

Trees said...

Pixie - It is a bit of a bummer! I feel kind of miffed someone gets to enjoy things I made when they didn't return the favour. Thank God for swap angels!

Jaime - I agree! I have always been scared of being flaked on! I have done like 20 swaps and this is the first time it has happened:( So that makes me think people are generally quite awesome - despite this happening!

What Sadie Did said...

OOH how disappointing!!
I want to join more swaps - where do I sign up!?!?

PS Kath from Crafty Foxes LOVES Hello Kitty too!!


Trees said...

Thanks for the comment Sadie:D I do most of my swaps through :D