Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bunny Housewarming

If you know me or follow my blog regulary you will know that I have a bit of a soft spot for bunnies. This weekend my friend Trish asked me over to her place as she was have an afternoon tea for a kind of "hutch-warming" I guess. She had recently bought a brand new house for her two bunnies.

She made these cute bunny biscuits for the housewarming and I thought I'd share them - I actually helped to ice some of them too. The bunnies with the big goofy grins and long whiskers are the ones I iced.


Francesca said...

omg these are sooo cute!! how clever! lovely blog :) x

Meghan Edge said...

AWWW! I want to have a hutch-warming now! Mostly for the biscuits. ^_~

What Sadie Did said...

Lush! Hope they tasted as good as they looked! ;)

Trees said...

Francesca - thanks for your lovely comment.

Pixie - hutch warmings are quite excellent.

Sadie - Very delcious cookies!