Monday, May 08, 2006

My Weekend

I have to say my weekend was so hectic that I kind of don't feel like I really had a weekend at all.

But it was really good to go to Auckland and see Marth - it was so good to see her - especially beacause she seems quite positive about the whole thing. But while she is going through all this I'm going to try and go to Auckland as often as possible - hopefully once a month. When I have finished updated my blog I'm going to check out the Air NZ site and book my flights for June.

As well as Marth it was good to see my other Auckland friends - I stayed with Alaina and we went shopping on K Road - so I got to got to the Misery and Illicit stores (and bought a skirt and Halterneck top) and Heroes for Sale (where I bought some cool toys based on Tim Burton's book The Melancholoy Death of Oyster Boy - I now have Robot Boy, The Girl with Many Eyes and Stain Boy on top of my computer screen at work).

Also caught up with Conor, Sue, Chaykham and Jonnie - It was good to spent time with these guys as I needed some laughs - I've also been invited to Chay and Jonnie's "Pimp and Hoe" party which is on next time I'm due to visit Auckland.

Also was able to catch up with Ekant, Unicia and Keziah - was good to see them more than once before they leave for Bath.

So I am feeling a little sad for Marth but I'm pretty sure she can beat this thing - so I am staying postive and sending her good vibes - I just wish I still lived in Hamilton then I could go up more often to spend time with her.....but there is always text's and snail mail (I don't think she really has any internet access).

But I do finally have some good news - Rich has a job interview this week on Wednesday!! Yah Rich:D

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