Friday, May 12, 2006

Good News!

Well two pieces of good news - I heard from Marth yesterday and she seems to be in good spirits - she told me that her first round of chemo has gone really well. She also told me she had all her girls there making a fuss of her giving her facial's and massages and braiding her hair - so even though I'm not there with her I'm happy she has lots of good people there looking after her:)

She also said she should be able to leave the hospital today and go home to her mum and dad's and just head into the hospital when she needs treatment - which would be way nicer.

She has also told me that they have arranged to have her taken home in a Rolls Royce! How very cool.

I think I can also expect some mail from her sometime soon as she asked for our address - I love mail!

Rich has finished making a DVD of his work for her, he said he just has to test it to make sure it works ok so I should be able to send that to her next week.

My other good news is on a much simpler scale - when I bought my tickets to Auckland last week there was some sort of "win the cost of your flights back" promotion. I saw the competition and thought - that would be great but not bloody likely - but this morning I checked out my e-mails and I HAVE won the cost of my flights back - WICKED!!! They are going to put the $400 odd dollars I paid for my flight back on my credit card!! AWESOME!!!!!

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