Monday, May 01, 2006

My Weekend!

Sorry to all the people who read this regularly - but I have been a tad slack lately - mostly due to the internet connection going to crap - but the phone guy came on Friday and it's all fixed!

Well on Friday night I went to Rich's Graduation which was quite different to a University Graduation - it was really laid back - and the MC rather than being some learned person was these too munter style comedian's who had some really good moments and some REALLY cringy moments...but all in all it was quite fun:) Afterwards we went to celebrate at Harem!! My favourite:D

Saturday was a busy day was helping Celia do the wedding dress thing - we went to one little place in the Hutt and Astra Bridal - they have some beautiful gowns as Astral Bridal - just amazing! Also during the course of the day I managed to buy some Fimo when Celia went to Gordon Harris to check out some paper for her wedding invitations......I've been wanting to get some Fimo to make beads forever but I thought the only place I could get it was out at Spotlight so stoked!

Saturday night was a bit of a disaster - was just hanging out with Rich we wanted to see Pluto but when we go to Indigo the line was halfway down the road and we decided really wasn't worth tried to see a movie....when to all the cinema's in town....the movies had all either just started or were just plain terrible (Like Scary Movie 4 - I can't believe they got money to make a fourth one? Who watches that crap??!!???). So just ended up having a coffee and going home - not exciting!!

Yesterday was pretty cool though - went to Armageddon for the first time ever - and I have to say it was a bit average, although I did manage to get a couple of cool Anime on DVD at the Madman Stand.

But then went to the opening of New Zealand Music Month at the town hall that was very cool! Saw Deja Voodoo - they were quite cool but wasn't the best performance of there's I have seen but I think it was an all ages gig and they had to be a bit reserved. Then we saw The Bleeders - first time I have seen them and there were very cool. The only problem is - why did the promoters feel the need to have a strobe light at a rock gig? They are possibly the most annoying invention in the world....


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, there's a Scary Movie 4!!!??? I can't believe you didn't tell me this sooner!! I hope it's still on at the movies - can't wait to see it... am I kidding? ;-)

Trees said...

Funnily enough - when I saw the poster I thought to myself - Conor would prolly like that :P