Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's that time of the week again....

Yes - it's weigh in day today - not sure exactly how I'll go......I haven't been super bad or anything but I haven't really been sticking to my points religously this week either......and haven't spent as much time at the gym as I would like too, but I have done lots of walking so we will see.

I got a postcard yesterday from Marth - it was good to hear from her - she said when she gets back home she is looking forward to starting a whole bunch of art projects so it will be interesting to see what she gets up too. She also said she is going to sort out all her photos from Japan so that I can see them when I come and visit in June, so I'm really looking forward to checking those out - there's bound to be some amazing photo's!!

Send out invites tonight to our friends about our "Welly - versary" on the 31st of May - quite a few people seem keen which is really cool. We are just going to met at Syn bar for a few drinks and perhaps dinner as well - should be a fun night:)

I heard from Belle yesterday that her zine is now officially off the ground and is going to be launched at Happy on 3 June. Should be a good night out.

Damn it is freezing right now - and the worst thing is the rain which means I haven't been able to get clothes dried forever - I have seriously run out of work clothes!! No shirt left so I am just wearing regular clothes to work today, luckily my workplace is pretty casual so I can get away from it.

In other news Rich has another job interview either today or tommorrow - it's a web site maintence type job - so hopefully he gets one job or the other - fingers crossed!!!

Well this entry is truely full of a bunch of completely random thoughts......

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