Sunday, May 28, 2006

I know I haven't blogged in ages...

Seems like I haven't had time to get on the computer and write down a few of my random thoughts in ages - considering I usually write at least once a here's a random ramble of some of the stuff that has happened to me in the last week....

On Monday went and had a coffee with Belle and Leanne - good to see those two as we haven't caught up (outside of bookclub) in absolutely good just to have a gossip about this and that and life in general.

Tuesday was weight watchers night - so nothing to report there - except for of course Jess was in America on her trip and weight watchers always seems a bit strange when she's not least I had Ange to keep me company:)

On Wednesday I just bummed around at home and did nothing - wow - exciting mid-week action:P

On Thursday Rich and I finally got to see "The Proposition" at Paramount - for those of you who don't know - it's the film that Nick Cave made and it's bloody excellent. The music is beautiful and there are some amazing shots of the Australian outback and the story line is wicked - you HAVE to see this film!!! Or at least look at the link before you decide not to see it!!

Friday night I went out to drinks and dinner with Georgie and had a good old gossip about all sorts...which was cool and then headed over to Matterhorn to meet up with Jaimee and have a few drinks with her and her friends and boyfriend to celebrate her graduation - Yah!! You go girl!!

Saturday I just did a bit of shopping and then that night we headed out to see an Irish Comedian with two retro old school keyboards at downstage called David O' Doherty - It was a comedy festival performance and it was sooo damn funny - I'd tell everyone that they should go and see him too - but it was his last Wellington performance last night.

Today was a bit of a totally crazy day where nothing seemed to go right - firstly we decided to go out to Paekakariki for the day - so bought a day rover ticket and jumped on the train only to be told they were doing maintenance on the line and the train would only be going to Porirua today - bummer. So decided to go for a bit of a walk in Porirua - unfortunatly as I'm sure most people know - Porirua is not going to win any awards for being New Zealand's most beautiful city. We thought we might go and play mini-putt but then realised that every parent in Porirua had decided to take their kids to play mini putt today - so decided that wasn't the best idea.

So we then had a look around Porirua - which has to be the land of the "MEGA STORE" I have never seen so many "MEGA STORES" together in one place....

After a while we found Pataka the Muesuem out there and decided to check it out and it was a really cool muesuem - so it wasn't all doom and gloom today.

But then we went to catch the train, we were just sitting about waiting for the train when a voice came over the signal box advising us that there would be "Extreme Delays" as there has been trouble with the signal box further up the track. I think we could have handled waiting there - but then a whole bunch of people started getting really aggressive and yelling at the poor guy selling the tickets - just not nice - not a nice environment to be in. So decided to get dinner.

When we decided to get dinner we soon found out that there is nowhere nice in Porirua to eat - unless of course you enjoy McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hutt....all of these have crap food that I'm sure shortens your life span a little every time you eat it. So we ended up just ended up eating boring old Subway....oh well at least it's relatively healthy.....

After tea we finally ended up getting on a train to town - we were supposed to be meeting Nankz and Paul for coffee at Katipo - but as it turned out - Katipo was shut....then tried Felix and surprise surprise that was shut as well!! I text Nankz and her suggested "Midnight Expresso" and thankfully it was open and it was really cool there - they were playing The Cure - my favourite band - so at least something went right today!!!

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