Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Well yesterday was one of those really unorganised Sundays - which is good sometimes I guess....

In the morning we went to check out the Iwi Art Gallery on Tory Street where one of Marth's mates Tia had an exhibition on - unfortunatly despite having a good old look around we couldn't see any of her work:( Maybe it had already all sold? But they had some really incredible stuff there - especially some of the Ponamu - it was amazing!

Then we just did a bit of a walk around the waterfront which is always good - the wind was quite freezing cold but I think we are both starting to get used to that wind!!

After a bit of late lunch we decided to check out a film - we both really wanted to see "The Proposition". We had a look at Paramount, Rialto and Reading.......but unfortunatly everything we actually wanted to see was on too late and we didn't want to hang about town. So we ended up going to see "The Hills Have Eyes" - I haven't seen a horror in ages and this wasn't the best horror I've ever seen but it wasn't the best either - It was pretty predictable with "Texas Chainsaw Masscre" and "Night of the Living Dead" overtones but it did have quite a good mix of gore/humour/splatter - although at times it did get close to becoming just plain gross in the way "Saw" is just plain gross.

Well it's another Monday - and in true Monday style - our jug appears to be broken....grrrr....

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