Saturday, May 20, 2006

Jess has taken off on her trip to the USA!

Jess was leaving tonight to take off on her working holiday to the USA for a week, how exciting :) She promised to send me a postcard - although she did point out that she will be back in Wellington before the postcard makes it here.......

Speaking of postcards I got another one from Marth today - so good to hear from her as always. She has told me one of her mates has an exhibition on at the Iwi Art Gallery on Tory Street so I think Rich and I will check that out at some stage tommorrow.

Had a pretty relaxing day today - the sun was shining so went out to Island Bay with Celia and Greg for brunch (although we did have to wait 1 1/2 hours to eat! Lucky none of use were hungry).

Then headed out to the scrapbooking store with Simon as well for Celia and Simon to check out paper for their wedding invitations - it was such a seriously cool shop - a crafty person's dream! Celia was maybe looking at doing some classes there - if she does I will be keen as a bean to join her - I love crafty things and haven't done nearly enough crafty stuff since moving to Welly.

Well time to sign off - Rich and I are off to see HDU tonight - wicked - the gig starts at 10 pm so I guess we will be heading off pretty soon....

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