Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some days are just a shock to the system

Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I got an unexpected call from one of my friends in Auckland saying that she had some bad news - I was expecting her to say that her mum or dad was sick - but instead she told me she had cancer.

I'm totally blown away by this - in fact I think I am still a little in shock.

But luckily I have good friends in Auckland and Alaina has said I can stay at her flat and has also offered to drive me around where I need to go and she is happy to take me out to Auckland Hospital - I'm really grateful to her.

Jess was kind enough to check on the internet to see if I could still get flights up so now that's all been sorted as well.

I also have to say that I am so thankful everybody at work is so good - my manager saw I was really upset and told me I could go out for a walk and don't hurry back - so I was able to go and see Rich at work and talk to him for a bit. She also bought me some flowers to cheer me up which was so nice. The other ladies in my team have also been awesome with their kind words.

So yes I am in shock, and I am worried, and it does make all the things I obssess about on a daily basis (mainly my weight and money issues) seem a little insignificant but I will be ok because I know that I can be strong for my friend now.

I also know I'll feel 100% better when I get a chance to see and talk to her this weekend - so this week can't go quickly enough.

My friend will be in my thoughts for the rest of the week.

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missing said...

Oh hunni! So sorry to hear that! it's a huge shock when you get that call. I'm sure she will appreciate you visiting this weekend. Be strong, but please also remember it's ok to cry. If you want to talk, please call - just been through it with Dad.

Are you ok to get to and form the airport over the weekend? I'm hapy to give you a ride if you need one

Thinking of you,
much Love, J