Monday, September 28, 2015

Unicorns and Rainbow Dress

Something very weird is happening in my creative world lately, I don't know quite how its happened, but lately I have no desire to make anything for myself outside of costumes. It's weird. Very weird. All of the projects I have on the boil are presents for friends, or friends children or some cool guy who has a birthday soon. I'm not really interested in making anything for myself.

Seriously, I don't know what's happening guys? I have a tonne of patterns and fabric for me, but none of it is calling my name. Why?

I guess the important thing is I am STILL sewing and I STILL want to sew, just not for me. Maybe that's totally ok.

Anyway on the topic of sewing, last Saturday my friend Emma asked me to join her and a few other girls to join her for a sewing day. She even made gluten free banana bread - hurrah!
So what did I end up working on? Well nothing for me - obviously. However, this year I've decided to embrace "using the good fabric" along with a couple of my friends. This Lisa Frank style unicorn fabric was definitely the "good"  fabric and I cute up a sewed with it regardless! MAGICAL!
This is a little dress I've made for my forever work BFF - we don't actually work at the same place anymore, but she's still my work BFF. She is having a baby girl in December, so I decided to make her a dress for the baby to be as  I knew she would love this fabric.
Who WOULDN'T love this fabric, I only had a metre of it so it had been lingering in my stash for a while as I didn't know quite what to do with it. I originally bought the fabric from fabric destash central, which is a NZ fabric destash group on facebook.

This is a tried and true pattern that you guys have seen a bunch of times here, here and here and I've made another version that I am yet to blog! It's such a cute and simple dress for a little girl. I also started another little project - it's nautical themed, here's a sneak peak.

Yes, those little whales are wearing tiny tailor hats. This is going to be a pretty cute dress when it's finished.

If you are a sewist, what have you been making lately? Anyone else found their selfless sewing mojo?


Vix said...

That rainbow dress is insanely fabulous! I love it.
I haven't made anything for me lately, I've got a few requests for those huge sleeved mini dresses so I'm cracking on with them. xxx

Louise said...

Aww, that dress is adorable. The fabric is amazing! Your friend will love it. I'm sure you'll want to sew something for yourself again soon; maybe you're just in giving mode at the mo? I don't know how to make clothes, but I am working on a new Christmas cross stitch sampler, some Christmas cross stitch cards, and getting ready to start some Christmas hoop art. (I just need a few more supplies before I can get cracking). xx

Unknown said...

Aaaw haha the whales are wearing hats indeed, how awesome!! :D Major fabric love here! The unicorn fabric is so lovely too! It must be SO cool to be able to sew and make presents like this little dress - I still REALLY need to learn how to sew. It's been on my bucket list foreverrrrr ;D

I think it's totally okay that you are not working on anything for yourself at the moment, it shows that you are probably content with what you have right now and that's a good thing. :)

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Caramella said...

Wow fantastic fabric and incredible work!! Looking at this makes me want to become a seamstress! Nice banana bread too....:)

Anonymous said...

ALL of those fabrics are amazing! The unicorns! The whales! So much adore.

I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to make things for other people, or for having your desires and interests in crafting change, it is something we do for pleasure afterall, and sometimes what pleases us changes. As long as you are enjoying yourself!