Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Hamilton Top

While its true I haven't made anything for myself for a while, I do have something lurking in my wardrobe that I made for me a long time ago (as in when we were in our old apartment...we moved into this flat back in March so it HAS been a while).

I'm calling it the Hamilton top as I bought the fabric and pattern back when my brother was in hospital in Hamilton. One day when I was going to visit him I popped into a op shop and came out with some fabric and this super 80s pattern.
Sorry for the crappy off centre photo guys - I had a look on the internet to see if I could get another image of the pattern but not such luck! Anyway in my Hamilton op shop score I picked up some stripey slightly nautical looking fabric much like in view 2 above so I made view 2.
This top came together without much drama and I like the shape and the style but it goes with pretty much nothing I own. It's a wardrobe orphan! Today I wore it with my folksy lady skirt and it looked fine but its not really my thing to be honest.
When Rich saw me wearing this top this morning he said is that some kind of poncho top? I'm still not sure if I should have made the size down or if its meant to be this oversized. I think it would also look better if it was worn with trousers, but as you all know I'm not a trousers kind of girl.
Do I like this top? Not really it will probably end  up in a bag with stuff to go to Recycle Boutique. However, I still like this pattern, I will hold onto for a while yet!

1 comment:

Marta said...

Lovely pattern!
I think your top is just too big - I'd go down a size (or even 2!) It has potential - lovely shape so I think it's worth giving it another chace!