Thursday, September 10, 2015

USA Part Six - Portland!

I had mentioned in my earlier posts that Seattle hadn't really been on my top ten of places to visit list (however, it was a totally awesome place to visit). Well Portland is the exact opposite, I'd wanted to visited Portland for a long time and not only because of Portlandia.

We got the early morning train from Seattle to Portland and by the time we arrived it was already so very, VERY hot!

But we still decided to try and head out and do something (after buying our second bottle of sunscreen for this trip). Our friends son picked us up from the train station and we were hanging out at his apartment until we could head over to the air bnb we were staying at. We decided to have some lunch and then head to the Botanical Gardens that weren't too far from his apartment (and we were hopeful they would provide a bit of shade from the meltingly hot sun!).

My favourite part of the gardens? The Japanese gardens!  They were do beautiful and so serene, I really loved it. It was nice to visit a calm place after so many hours traveling and time spent in busy big cities.

That was pretty much it for our first day in Portland! We spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the air bnb - but never fear, there are plenty more Portland adventures to come.


Curtise said...

The gardens look beautiful. xxx

Louise said...

It looks like a gorgeous place! Your dress is pretty awesome, too! xx

Vix said...

How fabulous is Portland! what a shame you didn't meet up with Krista. xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gardens!