Sunday, September 27, 2015

USA Part Eleven - Back to San Francisco

After very long, long journey we arrived in San Francisco - it was my second time to visit the city and Rich's first. I was excited to show him some of the things I saw last time and explore some new things.

I was also excited to come back to San Francisco because we were going to catch up with a bunch more friends here! Including Kiki (who Rich hadn't met before) yah!

When we first arrived in San Francisco, we had to take a bus from the train station and finally to a central city bus stop where Kiki met us and helped to direct us to our hotel. When we were all checked in we decided to visit the Japanese Tea Garden (you all know by now how I feel about Japanese and Chinese Gardens).

The Japanese Tea Gardens are within Golden Gate Park and as Kiki is a local she knew that we could get a good view from the top of the fine arts museum, by heading straight to the lift (no entry fee). It pays to know someone local!

We explored Golden Gate Park a little more with Kiki, its a seriously pretty place.

 Next stop for the day was Japantown - I don't even know how I could have possibly missed Japantown last time I visited San Francisco!

Kiki and I went to have our photos taken in one of these cute photo booths - I  haven't used one of these since I left Korea so I jumped at the chance to have some pictures taken. You can add all kinds of cutesy features once your photos have been taken - for some reason Rich chose to sit this out. 

We only had a brief look around Japantown as a lot of the stores where already closing by the time we got there. We did stop by this really cute bakery though.

After Japantown it was time to say goodbye to Kiki, but there was time for one last photo by the pagoda. Thanks for taking time off to hang with us Kiki - you're awesome!
After spending a day exploring San Francisco, Rich  and I decided we needed a break so we headed back to our hotel for a bit. At around 7pm we decided we wanted to go for a bit of a walk and maybe find a bite to eat. But because we have some kind of problem a bit of a walk turned into us exploring Chinatown for a couple of hours (because that's how we roll).

 I literally can't remember if we ended up eating at all! But exploring Chinatown was a lot of fun, I feel like I saw a bunch of new stuff that I didn't see last time I was here (and of course things do change over a couple of years). After exploring Chinatown it was finally time to collapse as there were many more adventures ahead!


Louise said...

I've always wanted to visit San Francisco, and I'd love to see a Japanese garden one day, too. The one you visited looks so beautiful. You're entire American holiday has sounded amazing so far- very jealous! Haha! xx

Vix said...

The gardens look so peaceful and Chinatown absolutely fascinating. I've always wanted to go to San Fran. xxx

Anonymous said...

What awesome street art!