Thursday, September 03, 2015

USA Part Four - More Seattle!!

Our plans for our second day in Seattle was to visit the Seattle Sky needle and EMP Museum, we planned to walk to  walk there from our hotel in the International District and check out a few things along the way.

When we had been for a walk the previous night we'd seen a small park near Pioneer Square that was all locked up for the evening and we were curious to see what was in there. Turns out its an inner city waterfall! When we were in Seattle it was a million degrees, so its was a nice spot to visit and I can it would be a good place to hang out in the summer.

After checking out the waterfall we decided the most interesting way to get to the sky needle and museum would be via the waterfront as we had noticed a fun boardwalk area down there the previous day.

Along the way we stopped off at Pike Street printing press which was a really cool indie printing press, I picked up a couple of postcards for friends here.

We stopped off to check out Miners Landing which was the boardwalk we had seen before, it was pretty fun with a pretty vintage carousel and the biggest gumball machine I'd ever seen! I was quite excited by the gumball machine and had to have my photo taken with it - OBVIOUSLY!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you will know that I always love visiting tall buildings and I think that the Seattle sky needle was one of the first tall buildings I was aware existed. I have always loved the 1960s space future look of this building and it was so amazing to see it in real life!!

After the Sky Needle our next stop was the EMP museum, we had friends that had visited this building before and I was pretty excited to check it out finally. In case you've never heard of it before, the EMP Museum is a museum of science fiction, music and pop culture. When we bought the tickets for the museum we were told that it would take around two hours to look around, which wasn't true, I could have spent days at this museum.

The first exhibition we went to was Can't Look Away - The Lure of Horror Film , I had no idea this exhibition was here and I was  so excited to find out it was on! I think I said to Rich something along the lines of "Did they know I was coming and put this one especially for me?".

There were a lot of props and costumes from various horror movies on display, it was pretty amazing to see so many things from my favourite movies up close - so many fan girl moments!
 There were a bunch of little booths were you could watch snippets of famous movies with commentary from various movie directors. I especially loved hearing John Landis and Eli Roth's perspective of various horror movies. Again there were so many fan girl moments.

Another really fun thing was the "scream booth" - its a sound proof booth that you jump into and the booth scream! Which is pretty fun - I loved it!
The next exhibition we visited was Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction - again there were a lot of fan girl moments.

 The hover boards from Back to the Future and costumes from Fifth Element were two of my favourite things as the exhibit, being huge fans of both of these movies.

Although it cost a little bit extra, we also decided to check out the Star Wars costume exhibit - although I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, I grew up watching the movies and learning all of the inspiration for the costumes was fascinating.

As well as the larger exhibits, there were lots of cute places to take photos around the museum - like the Super Mario Wall. I was so excited to see this as I spent HOURS playing this game when I was a teenager.
Rich was quite taken with ALL OF THE GUITARS! So was I actually - its pretty darn cool!
 One of the cool thing about a lot of the exhibits are that they are interactive, the Indie Game Revolution was full of cool games you could try out.

We spent a fair bit of time playing this game about an Inuit girl and her wolf, we could have played this game all day as well as being a lot of fun it was so beautiful.

When we had been wandering around Seattle the previous say I'd seen a poster for a Chuck Jones exhibit. I thought it would be an AMAZING thing to see as I grew up watching all the old Warner Brothers cartoons and always had a soft spot for Pepe La Pew and Daffy Duck. Guess where that exhibit was happening?  It may not have been the biggest exhibit, but it was SO interesting and there were plenty of photo ops (I'm mostly in it for the photo ops).

Also there is a super fun thing called The Sound Lab - I struggle through music at school playing drums and later on flute, but as much as I enjoy music I'm NOT  a musician at ALL. Rich however was in his element, you have the opportunity to play all kinds off instruments with tutition (from a computer scree, but its still a fun thing to do!).

We also saw the Nirvana exhibition and the Guitar Gallery but I didn't take photo of those as they were the last two exhibits we saw and I'd reached information overload by that stage and we didn't even see EVERYTHING!

We left around 7pm when it was closing time, but like I said before I could have stayed for days at this place. I hope sometime we will head back to Seattle and have another chance to visit this place. If you're going to or even thinking of going to Seattle you must check out this museum - its one of the most fun and interesting places I've ever been.

Also guess what? There's still ONE more post about Seattle to come - I kind of loved this place, can you tell?


Unknown said...

Woow sooo many cool photos from the msueum! I wanna go there, it looks like the most awesome place for movie people! :) Love your big sun hat too, very cute! ;)

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Louise said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time in Seattle! I especially love how excited you look with the giant gumball machine! (I probably would've been, too! Haha!) I'm not a Star Wars fan and I'm not a huge horror film buff, but I did grow up on Looney Tunes and Super Mario. If I ever visit Seattle, I'll have to pay this place a visit. xx

Curtise said...

Both exhibitions were perfect for you - I can see why Seattle was a great place to visit!
Great pics, and you look awesome in your hat! xxx

Caramella said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you're having an amazing time!

Vix said...

No wonder you loved Seattle, its on your wavelength!
That hat rocks! xxx

Anonymous said...

Major envy going on here. Star Wars AND Fifth Element AND Back to the Future! And everything else too - it looks amazing! The horror bit wouldn't have been for me, but talk about picking the exhibits most relevant to your interests! It looks amazing.

Also, you are totally rocking that outfit, love the hat in particular!