Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OOTD: Birthday Presents from Rich!

I bought this vintage dress at the weekend from recycle boutique - it was pretty darn cheap and I had two comments today about the dress, so it must have been a good buy.
So today I wore the jewellery that Rich bought me for my birthday - so I thought I would share it with you.
First up is a brooch to show my love of sewing - including tiny scissors, thimble and button. Very cute.
He also got me this cute ceramic bone brooch - I really love bones! For my 30th birthday Rich bought me a sliver bone ring and not I have a bone bracelet as well - even though it looks a bit weird in this photo.

Finally, Rich bought me this DIY pop art badge kit - I love craft kits a LOT, they are pretty much one of my most favourite things ever. I love craft in general, but there is something about having EVERYTHING you need to do a project on hand in one box that appeals to my love of all things convenient.
Rich and I made up the badges over the weekend - it was a pretty simple and fun craft project. We did two each - mine are on the top row and Rich's on the bottom. I really love the little bird badge he made, especially seen as it's carrying a ribbon.


Boots - Avon
Tights - Glassons
Dress - Recycle Boutique
Belt - Valley Girl
Ring - Clothes Swap
Brooch and Bracelet - Birthday gifts from Rich


Kc said...

Aww what great presents! :) the badge kit is so cool. I love how kits like that give you a launching point for further developing the original idea and making it more your own! :)



Vintage Bird Girl said...

That frock is gorgeous! What a funky print. I love the touch of blue. And yay to birthday accessories! The bracelet & ring are super cool. Xx

Clara Turbay said...

Interesting proposals and handling of colors and textures.

cb said...

the dress is awesome, no wonder you got comments on it! the brooch with the sewing kit on it is so cute! rich knows you so well <3

Vix said...

That dress looks fabulous on you, no wonder so many people complimented you! Rich has incredibly cool taste with jewellery, love it all! x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Cool pressies, I love the badges you made x

Curtise said...

Love the print on your frock, especially that little bit of turquoise you can see in the close up. (I knew VBG would spot that too!)
Your pressies are perfect - and your man does crafty activities with you too? He's a keeper! xxx

alicia said...

awww good job rich! presents from your sweetie are always the best! <3

Unknown said...

The frock is fab and I love the badge kit - I want one!!! Sarah xxx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Those pins are adorable! =)


two squirrels said...

Oh my that is the most fabulous print and it looks great on you. I would so be complimenting you on how amazing you look. The bracelet and ring are fantastic.
Love v

Wait Until The Sunset said...

super lovely presents! I hope you had a lovely birthday! xx