Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fun times in Shelly Bay

Over the weekend there was an open day at the the old air force base at Shelly Bay - the air force has long since left but their buildings remain and are now occupied by a whole bunch of artists and art related businesses.

When we decided to head to Shelly Bay we didn't realise there wasn't a bus service and seen as we don't have a car we had to walk about half an hour to the old air force base.

But that was fine as it was an absolute stunner of a day - just look at these views! Cold but so beautiful.

 You have to love the street art above! Cut along the dotted line.
Rich found a whole lot of sea glass - its so pretty.

The main reason we decided to visit Shelly Bay was to check out Westside Studios - they are a company that does props for TV and movies and also hire out all kinds of weird bits and pieces for events.

Here's just a few of the things we saw in our visit - there was so much more "stuff" and I am sure heaps more that wasn't even being displayed for the public.

As I'm sure you all know by now - my most favourite things are always the creepiest things!
If I had a big house and loads of money I'd love to hire some of these props and have the biggest and most awesome halloween party ever! One day perhaps...

Also this has to be my most favourite photo of the whole day - new facebook profile picture perhaps? What do you think?
I also got to meet a friendly dragon whilst we were there - he was sitting outside in the cold though - poor thing.
I kind of look like I'm glowing next to my dragon friend - note I'm not actually touching him - there were signs everywhere saying do not touch the props, but it seems most people can't read. I really hope that the visitors didn't break anything in the studio. 

When we finished up at Shelly Bay we decided to head to Miramar and have a bite to eat at La Boca Loca which is one of the places that the cool kids go for Mexican food in Wellington. I do love Mexican food and I have been wanting to try this place out for the longest time.
One of the nice things about this restaurant was that it served Mexican brunch too - as you all know - Mexico is a heck of a long way from Wellington and we don't have too many Mexican restaurants and most to lunch and dinner. So I was excited to have the chance to have "Huevos Divorcidos" something I have wanted to try FOREVER!
It looked really pretty and it tasted really good and it may look small but two eggs and ALL those beans - well that was plenty to keep me going until dinner (although after this we actually went to a friends house to watch a movie and eat popcorn).

Rich has the quesidilla but he wasn't really that impressed - he said it was cold on the inside and I have to admit that I though radish was a weird choice of garnish.

I still think we'll stick to our old favourite Mexican place in the city for now Viva Mexico - plus one of the guys that works at Viva Mexico looks like Machete which means they get bonus points for being badass. 

Hope you all had a super weekend xoxox


Unknown said...

Oh that bay is gorgeous - and I didn't even know that NZ had an air force (!). I have been wanting to try the Divorced Eggs too, ever since Dora blogged about them... gonna do it soon! And i agree, radish slices with Mexican food... wtf?

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Those divorced eggs look lovely, I want some! Loving the sea glass (wouldn't that make fabulous jewellery?) and the creepy artefacts! x

two squirrels said...

Oh I love sea glass, it's so precious!!!
The scissors on the road are fantastic.
What a great weekend.
Love v

Camelia Crinoline said...

Westside Studios looks like a really interesting place to explore. Your huevos divorcidos looks delicious. It's a shame Rich's quesadilla wasn't very good because they're usually so delicious.

Curtise said...

What a great collection of props - so many photo opportunities (though without any touching!) I'm a bit smitten by that dragon.
Mexican food - LOVE! xxx

cb said...

what a fun place to visit! stuff like that is always so cool seeing. i would LOVE to fly out to your bad ass halloween party!

Monsterchen said...

oh your pictures are really great, i would so love to be near the sea right now:( and i love the picture of you and the dragon! fabulous coat by the way;)

Unknown said...

Nice blog.

alicia said...

oh my god - i didn't think anything would ever come close to that crazy hell garden you went to, but that place is pretty amazing! also, i love "stunner of a day" - officially stolen. <3 <3 <3